Shaykh Abu Amr’ Abdul Kareem Ibn Ahmed Al Hajooree

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He is the Virtuous Shaykh Abu Amr’ Abdul Kareem Ibn Ahmed Al Hajooree حفظه الله ورعاه

Al Mujadid Al Muhadith Ash Shaykh Muqbil رحمه الله said about ash Shaykh Abu Amr: “He memorized the Qur’an and Lulu’ Wal Marjan, a caller to Allah!

Tarjuma Abi Abdirrahman Muqbil page 220 Dar Al Athaar

Ash Shaykh Al Muhadith Yahya Ibn Ali Al Hajooree حفظه الله said: “A Sunni, firm, teacher, khateeb, he memorized the Qur’an and Saheeh al Bukhari, and Saheeh Al Muslim”

From his works:

عقود الجمان على اللؤلؤ والمرجان

Which is a checking and some footnotes on the book Al Lu’lu wal Marjaan, darul Athaar has printed it in two volumes

شرح قطف الثمر لصديق حسن خان

Explanation of the book Qatfut Thamar of Imam Sideeq Hassan Khan this book is a book on aqeedah very beneficial and it is 3 volumes with the explanation it is printed by Darul Athaar

نعمة المنان بتفسير و بيان كلمات القران

A book on explaning and clarifying the words of the Qur’an with mentioning if the surah came down in Mecca or Madina along with more. Printed by Darul Athaar as a pocket sized book

الاقتصاد في الاعتقاد

A book on beliefs by Imam Abu Muhammad Abdul Ghani ibn Abdul Waahid Al Maqdisi and Ash Shaykh Abu Amr has checked the narrations of this book with mentioning the different routes and with additional benefits this is also printed by darul athaar in one volume

عمدة الاحكام

This is a book of Hadeeth containing 423 narrations compiled by Imam Abdul Ghani ibn Abdul Waahid Al Maqdisi, it is checked by Ash Shaykh Abu Amr whilst clarifying the mistakes of those who checked this book before. This book has been printed by Darul Athaar in one volume. Ash Shaykh Yahya has also mentioned this is the best checking of the text of this book!!! Mentioned By Ash Shaykh Yahya on page 468 of Kinzuth Thameen Print Darul Kitab Was Sunnah volume 1

تحذير أولياء الامور من خطر المغالاة المهور

An excellent book, discussing the dangers of excessiveness in regards to the dowries. Also it contains many other benefits. Printed by Darul Imam Ahmad in one volume

تذكرة السامع و المتكلم في اداب العالم و المتعلم

This is a book written by Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al kinaani in regards to manners, which Ash Shaykh Abu Amr has checked and mentioned the different routes to the narrations along with correcting errors and mentioning extra benefits!! This book is printed by Darul Athaar one volume

الخلاصة في معرفة الحديث

This is a book written by Imam Al Husayn ibn Muhammad At Teebee who died 743 Hijri it is a book on the science of hadeeth, ash Shaykh Abu Amr has commented on it, checked it and mentioned different routes of the narrations!! Printed by darul athaar in one volume

مختصر الشريعة

The shaykh has summarized in this book, the book of Imam Al Aajuree (died 360 Hijri) Ash Sharee’ah, along with summarizing the text he checks the narrations as well. Printed by Darul Athaar one volume

The Shaykh also has many other books but I have mentioned those which I am familiar with walhamdullillah.

The shaykh has also travelled to many countries to give da’wah from them Somalia, Canada, Malaysia, India and other places.

Along with this the Shaykh teaches lessons in Dammaj and is from the senior teachers in Dammaj as I have been told by those who have studied in Dammaj or are in Dammaj.

Although I have not met the Shaykh, this is what Allah has made easy for me to compile about this virtuous Shaykh May allah preserve him.